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Helping-steps is a community-based program that is situated in Kenya and is within the initial starting stages and for now, only offers a mobile community Kitchen. The Community Kitchen is not large nor is it capable of providing for all the children as it is limited due to financial constraints. It is critical to note that as for now the Helping Steps program is self-financed and is unable to critically address the needs of the children. While the kitchen community does offer food and water, it is imperative to cater to the overall development of the children. The program aims at offering a safe and hospitable environment for the children in order to cater to their needs and sustainability as they grow into adults.







 from an early age, i have always been interested in making the world a better place for everyone. my interest expanded from our home area to other regions because we realized that while i may have a comfortable life, there are many other people out there who face a lot of challenges and cannot even afford the most basic needs. .. my dream is to see each child have a better life and a future that they deserve. Most of these children have a very good potential but lack the resources needed to achieve their goals.



After seeing how these children are treated and what they go through, very painful to see them suffering on the streets because they have nowhere to go, no one to help them and no way of helping themselves. i was  touched and saddened by how these children suffered.

I would like to help them and change the story of their lives. i want to give them a loving home, education, food and clothes so that they can have a better life. In order for me to fulfil my dreams and the dreams of these innocent children and youth,

Nothing is as fulfilling as knowing that you have made a huge difference in the life of a child. Children are our future and our greatest investments

It is therefore our belief that Helping steps will positively change and save the lives of many young people because they are our future generation and have the power to change the world to a better place.  


This is my opportunity to do what our heart has always desired, I opened Goddess By Lola Makeup shop so the profits can go to my charity Helping steps



every time you purchase anything from Goddess By Lola consider your self Donating because that money will go a long way in transforming the life of street children and rehabilitating them. Each donation is of utmost important to us as the need is always great. Without this support, more children will continue to suffer in the streets, go without shelter and lack the basic needs such as food, clothing and education. I therefore thank you for the support in helping these young children and youth. It will give them an opportunity to experience a life that they have always considered to be a dream or fairy tale. Finally, they can do something worthwhile with their lives.

Thank you as you support the program and its cause within the reassurance that by helping one child we are indeed helping humanity